The idea of HMW and AX6 Hub was envisioned and founded by the three of us - Akil Momin, Safin Maknojia & Rozina Momin. We have been personally invested in the Crypto space since as early as 2016. Aside from trading crypto, we also have a crypto mining business. Being Entrepreneurs at heart, when the NFT market started booming we knew we had to get in on the fun!

We also own a Design Agency and a few other businesses, which put us in a perfect position to do create a NFT project that helps open doors into Web 3 for those lost in this fragmented space using our knowledge to build businesses and brands. We know that along with the quality of the art, doing an NFT project meant putting in our time & money into this space. We have been working hard to make this project come to life and are super excited to have all of you as a part of our community. We are here to rise, to hunt, and to win with all of you together, as a wolf pack should! 🐺

Safin Maknojia

Rozi Momin

Akil Momin


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Control Your NFTs

2D, 3D or both? Take 100% ownership of your NFT by using our swipe technology to truly adjust the wolf to your liking!  You will also have all the necessary IP rights to the art, giving you the ability to use it in any way you would like.


A marketplace that will allow Holders to earn coins that can be used solely within the marketplace to purchase WL spots for projects, play games, and utilize the tech created for making your NFT interactive.


Holders, post mint, will start earning coins right away! The coins can be used to participate in AX6 Hub Phase 1. At the launch of phase 2, we plan to introduce a token with a liquidity pool to really take this to next level and beyond!


Behind every great brand there is an astounding team!

Meet the founders and artists who have shaped and brought life into the HMW and the vision behind the AX6 Hub.
The years of experience and knowledge we’ve gained from founding companies, work at major design studios, and life
learnings have brought us to this junction where we are building HMW and AX6 Hub to bridge the gap between Web 2 and
Web 3 using awesome art and tech for everyone to participate in a safe and trusted place.

Safin Maknojia
Founder - Comms

Safin has been trading crypto with his own personal investments since early 2014. After college he worked at Willis Towers Watson as a business analyst to further enhance his tech knowledge. Currently he runs his own Credit Card & Payment Processing Business. With his Entrepreneurial and tech background he is ready to establish AX6 Hub into an enterprise and introduce this platform to the Web3 space.

Akil Momin
Founder - Art Director

Passionate serial entrepreneur who has founded 3 companies, Graphicszoo, Payment Oasis and LoopFunnel. Early investor in crypto with a large crypto mining facility and now transitioning to NFT space as we build out AX6 Hub. Akil is excited to provide the opportunity to all those interested in web 3 by building out AX6 to bridge the knowledge gap and give individuals a platform to learn and thrive!

Rozi Momin
Founder - Marketing

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at GraphicsZoo, design agency established since 2017. Prior to starting up her own Business, Rozi was a Sr. Forensic Accountant for 5 years. Rozi is in awe of the true potential of the web3 space and is working hard to make her name in this male-dominant industry.

Tsvetelin Krastev
Concept Artists

Concept Artist/Designer, with over 10 years of experience that has spanned from small to big projects such as “Assassin’s Creed: Origins”, “Hellboy 3”, “The Division 2” and much more. He has worked with famous studios like Disney Studios, Ubisoft, Universal Pictures, Legendary, and Creative Assembly.


2000 unique wolves stored on the ETH blockchain. There are over 190 designed elements to create these Meta Wolves. We are looking to bring wolf like opportunities for holders by giving them ways to earn $HOWL which can be used in the AX6 Hub to adjust the NFT as you please, purchase WL spots and play some games.

2000 HMW

Price – 0.034 ETH

Live Now

Mint a Howling Meta Wolves NFT directly on our website on launch day or buy one on Opensea after the minting is completed

HMW is beyond just art. We are allowing holders to have full control over their art. Whether its 2D, 3D, or both you have full autonomy select how you want your HMW to display. We wanted more beyond art and are committed to focusing our efforts on creating AX6

AX6 Hub is a platform being built to showcase the technology that we have built to make NFTs more than Jpegs and something that is interactive.